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JUGS 5-Point High-Low  Hitting Tee
JUGS 5-Point High-Low Hitting Tee

JUGS 5-Point High-Low Hitting Tee

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Part Number:A0410


  • 5 positions for optimum pitch contact points
  • Teaches players how to hit to all fields
  • Includes FREE Hitting Tee Drill Book
  • Portable - quick assembly and breakdown

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Discount JUGS 5-Point High-Low Hitting Tee

Truly, there is no better batting tee made for teaching players how to make solid contact than the JUGS 5-Point High-Low Hitting Tee. The criss-cross 5 point design teaches players how to use the whole field and connect with pitches where they can get the meat of the bat on the ball every time.

Unlike other hitting tees that have a fixed position, the JUGS 5-Point High-Low Hitting Tee allows hitters to work on connecting with pitches in the optimal point of the strike zone. Inside pitches need to be connected with as they are just crossing the plate; outside pitches need to be hit deeper on the plate.

This hitting tee allows players to position the tee at the proper plate position for hitting inside, middle and outside pitches. Not only that, but you can work on hitting both low and high pitches at each of those pitch locations.

Once a player gets accustomed to what part of the plate they need to connect with the ball in order to get the best contact, it becomes automatic during games. The difference in how much more solidly players connect with pitches after working with this tee is amazing!

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