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Are Baseball Swings and Softball Swings the Same?

Posted by on 5/26/2022 to Hitting Tips

J.K. Whited from Baseball Rebellion dispels the myth that baseball swings and softball swings are different.

Interview with Cardinals Pitcher Drew VerHagen

Posted by on 5/20/2022 to Pitching Tips

Eric Cressey interviews former Tigers and current Cardinals pitcher, Drew VerHagen, discussing how an early arm injury led him to train differently as well his evolution in pitch types.

How to Throw a Fastball - In Depth Advanced Techniques

Posted by on 5/19/2022 to Pitching Tips

Dan Blewett provides an in depth video on how to throw a fastball properly, including advanced tips for controlling its movement.

How to Warm Up Before Throwing

Posted by on 5/18/2022 to Coaching Tips

Matt Antonelli discusses the importance of warming up before you begin throwing and shows you how to do that.

Know These Rules Before Arguing with an Umpire - Part 2

Posted by on 5/6/2022 to Coaching Tips

Part 2 of the two part series from Youth Baseball Edge's Rob Tong, interviewing former umpire, Brandon Jackson, about rules every coach should know before arguing with an umpire.

Teaching Young Players How to Grip a Baseball or Softball

Posted by on 5/5/2022 to Coaching Tips

Dan Blewett demonstrates how all young position players should be taught to grip a ball (and why it matters).

Hip Separation - Three Different Ways of Explaining it

Posted by on 5/4/2022 to Coaching Tips

Chas Pippitt from Baseball Rebellion explains hitting separation three different ways - all involve starting with the hip turn.

Baseball and Softball Warm-up Drills For All Ages

Posted by on 5/3/2022 to Coaching Tips

Matt Antonelli provides a warm-up set of throwing drills you can use every day with any age group.

Pitching Mechanics Part 1 - Arm Action Issues

Posted by on 5/2/2022 to Pitching Tips

In part one of a three part series on pitching mechanics, RPP Baseball's Nunzio Signore discusses arm action issues.

Teaching Youth Pitching Mechanics

Posted by on 4/29/2022 to Pitching Tips

Dan Blewett demonstrates the pitching mechanics young pitchers should be taught. Without them, pitchers will lack the speed and accuracy they need to get hitters out consistently.

How to Have a Short, Quick, Powerful Swing

Posted by on 4/28/2022 to Hitting Tips

Matt Antonelli shows two pro ballplayers' swings to demonstrate how to create a short, quick, powerful swing - something that is a major asset, no matter the count.

How Launch Angle & Bat Speed Affect Hitting Results

Posted by on 4/27/2022 to Hitting Tips

Dan Blewett breaks down launch angle and bat speed and how it affects the probability that you are going to get a hit, homerun or out.

Hot to Use a Batting Key with a Young Player

Posted by on 4/26/2022 to Hitting Tips

Matt Antonelli demonstrates how to work with a young hitter and a batting tee, teaching the proper contact points and where a ball should be hit for each pitch location.

Skill Sets & Body Types Needed for Each Position

Posted by on 4/25/2022 to Coaching Tips

Dan Blewett explains how to make entries on a scorecard as well as the skill sets needed for each position in baseball.

Great Infielders All Do These Things ...

Posted by on 4/22/2022 to Fielding Tips

Matt Antonelli breaks down the minutia that separate an outstanding infielder vs. an everyday one.

Can You Jam a Hitter Using an Aluminum Bat?

Posted by on 4/21/2022 to Pitching Tips

Dan Blewett discusses the myth that you can't jam a player hitting with an aluminum bat.

The Chicken Wing Myth

Posted by on 4/20/2022 to Hitting Tips

Matt Antonelli says that coaches who talk about the lead arm working downward (a.k.a. no "chicken wing") are giving poor advice to hitters.

5 Drills to Improve You Speed

Posted by on 4/19/2022 to Baserunning Tips

How fast you can run is a factor when you are trying to get a scholarship or make a team. Dan Blewett provides 5 drills that can help improve your speed.

Advanced Catcher Footwork for Throwing Runners Out

Posted by on 4/15/2022 to Fielding Tips

Coach Brandon Martorano from Zoned Sports Academy shows the fine details of catcher footwork that can make the difference between throwing a stealing runner out or not.

The Baseball/Softball Rules that Every Coach Should Know

Posted by on 4/14/2022 to Coaching Tips

Rob Tong from Youth Baseball Edge interviews former umpire, Brandon Jackson, discussing a myriad of rules coaches need to know before they ever start arguing with an umpire.

Tips to Strike Out Less

Posted by on 4/13/2022 to Hitting Tips

As a pro pitcher, Dan Blewett learned to spot a hitter's weaknesses and exploit them. In this video, he tells you what to do to minimize strikeouts and take that advantage away from pitchers.

The Lies Recruiters Tell ...

Posted by on 4/12/2022 to Coaching Tips

Matt Antonelli tells parents and players to be wary of promises made to them when they are being recruited.

Drills That Coaches Can Use With Their Teams

Posted by on 3/31/2022 to Coaching Tips

Duke Baxter and Steve Nikorak from Zoned Sports Academy coaching coaches on the drills they should do with their teams.

Interview With Cleveland Indians Pitcher - Triston McKenzie

Posted by on 3/30/2022 to Pitching Tips

Eric Cressey interviews Cleveland Indians pitcher, Triston McKenzie, about his journey to the pros, changes he had to make at different levels of the game and more.

Pitching Plans - What Are They, How Do You Make One And Do They Change?

Posted by on 3/29/2022 to Pitching Tips

Dan Blewett discusses pitching plans, how they are dictated by your strengths and weaknesses, the individual hitter you are facing and in-game adjustments you may need to do.