Because of MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) rules put in place by most pitching machine manufacturers, we cannot show prices on this website that are any lower than the prices those manufacturers have set as their minimum price.

We DO have discount coupons but, because of those rules, we cannot show you how much of a discount you can receive for products with MAP pricing. On products where discounts may be available, we list a discount code in the "Product Highlights" section, underneath the price.

For example, the yellow arrow in the image, below, is where the discount code is located on one of our product pages ...

Pitching Machine Discount Coupons

Unfortunately, because of MAP pricing rules, we either cannot state which products a discount is available for (if it is a banner ad) or we cannot state the amount of the discount (if it a discount code on a product page). Simply add a product to your shopping cart, enter a coupon code in the discount code box on the Shopping Cart page, click "APPLY" and see what the discount is. A coupon code can also be entered toward the bottom of the Checkout page.

PLEASE NOTE: Some select products DO have a discount but no discount code appears on their page due to manufacturer MAP policies that do not allow any discount coupons. For those products, a special HIDDEN DISCOUNT automatically appears when you add that product to your shopping cart. Not all products have special sale discounts; however, sometimes the price we show is really the lowest we can go.

You can also simply call us at 1-800-651-7130 if you are looking for a discount. Don't worry; we're not very "salesy." We just try to match people up with the products that will work best for their situation while helping them save the most money possible.

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