When we first looked into the pitching machines market, it was a few years ago. The budding nine year old baseball superstar next door had just gotten one that threw lite balls and it looked like it was helping him a lot. I started asking his father questions about the machine - How fast could it throw? What balls could it use? - and he really didn't know the answers. He was like so many consumers in this market; "I'll try this and hope it works" was his approach, I guess.

We started looking at all of the various websites that marketed pitching machines and one thing was for sure; nobody was providing any answers! We decided that our next website would be a pitching machine website and that we would do our very best to answer the questions that other websites were not dealing with.

On every product page, we have outlined the balls that each pitching machine can. You can view that information in the Approved Balls tab on each product's page. We have even included the actual owner's manual for each product, where appropriate and available. That is also located in a tab on the product pages. 

We have also created a growing library of articles in the Resource Articles section of the website. There, you can read things like how to select the best pitching machine to buy, why you might want to use one ball over the other and how to buy the best bat. You might also find some of the baseball tips on our blog helpful!

We hope you find all of the answers to your questions here so that you don't have to waste hours of your time hunting for them. If there's a question you have that we have not answered, by all means contact us. In the event that we don't know the answer, we promise we'll get it for you!

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