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Zooka Sports

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Zooka Sports started off the new millennium in 2000 with a pitching machine unlike any ever made before. Rather than using wheels to propel a ball toward the hitter, Zooka Sports created a pitching machine that shot balls out of their machine like a cannon on compressed air.

Because there are no wheels involved, there is never any need to worry about tire pressure, wheels wearing out or coming out of balance. Best of all, their pitching machines are the only ones made that can throw real baseballs without doing any harm to the ball at all. They can even throw tennis balls and can be programmed to throw three different preset speeds at random.

What further separates Zooka pitching machines from all others is their portability. All Zooka Sports pitching machines run on a super long lasting rechargeable battery, meaning you don't need to plug in their pitching machines to use them. Their machines weigh less than 30 pounds and the battery lasts an amazing 500-800 pitches before needing a recharge - great for team practice or machine pitch leagues!

Lightweight, afffordable and portable, get a Zooka pitching machine and see why Zooka is quickly becoming the common sense pitching machine choice of more parents and coaches every year!

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Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine
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Zooka ZS720 Pitching Machine
Zooka AL-1 Autoloader Ball Feeder
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Zooka EB-1 External Battery
5 Ounce Zooka Dimple Pitching Machine Balls
4 Ounce Zooka Dimple Pitching Machine Balls
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