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Top Hand - The Key to Hitting Consistency

Posted by on 7/19/2014 to Hitting Tips

Always searching the web for great baseball instruction videos, I stumbled upon the following video not that long ago.

In it, Joe Francisco, former player in the Braves organization, works with New York Mets catcher, Cam Maron, to show proper top hand progression. The drill's main focus is to get the bat head out in front, on the proper swing plane level, so that you can make much more solid and consistent contact with the ball.

In the drill, only the top hand (or arm furthest away from the pitcher) is initially used to swing the bat. During your top hand-only swing, you should concentrate on the following:

  • Start with a wide base
  • Make sure the knuckles of your top hand are facing the pitcher at contact
  • Make sure your chest is parallel to the bat at impact
  • Your head should be forward and on the same line as the inside part of your back foot
  • The less body movement, the better

Once you are making solid contact with the top hand only, try to repeat the same swing using both hands. Then, do five swings with only the top hand and five with both, rotating back and forth.

Being able to make solid contact with the ball no matter how deep it is relative to the plate is the key to being able to hit to all fields. With this technique, your bat will be on the proper plane, whether it makes contact with the ball on the front, middle or back side of the plate.

One of the great things about this drill is that you can really do it all by yourself. You can do the drill using a batting tee, a drop toss machine or a pitching machine.

Here's the video:

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