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JUGS Combination Pitching Machine - Baseball & Softball
JUGS Combination Pitching Machine - Baseball & Softball

JUGS Combination Pitching Machine - Baseball & Softball

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  • Throws baseballs and 11 or 12 inch softballs
  • Throws every kind of pitch imaginable
  • Adjustable speed from 20 to 104 MPH
  • Made in China
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Discount JUGS Combination Pitching Machine

Simply put, the JUGS Combination Pitching Machine is the best pitching machine that the #1 pitching machine manufacturer in the industry makes. Capable of throwing at speeds from 20 to 104 miles per hour, the JUGS Combo pitching machine can throw any pitch that exists and throw them as well as the best baseball or softball pitchers in the game.

This JUGS pitching machine is perfect for softball or baseball players and teams at the high school, college, semi-pro, or professional level. Adjusting the pitch speed is simple with the pitching machine's Dual Dial system. The speed of one tire relative to the other puts spin on the ball and, combined with the angle of the head, creates the virtually limitless combinations of pitch types that can be thrown with the JUGS Combination pitching machine.

Whether you play baseball, fast pitch softball or slow pitch softball, this machine can throw anything a real pitcher can. The JUGS Combination machine pitches overhand fastballs, split-finger fastballs, overhand curves, left and right handled curves, left and right handed sliders, drop-balls, risers, side-arm curves and knuckleballs. It can even throw high slow pitch arcs. The patented "goose neck" design provides a full range of movement to quickly and easily change between pitch types.

JUGS' patented "Quick Change" design allows you to switch from baseball mode to softball mode in a matter of seconds. It can throw real baseballs, real softballs (11-inch and 12-inch) as well as dimple balls, lite balls and even tennis balls. The JUGS Combination Pitching Machine comes with 2 sets of legs that emulate the release points in baseball and softball. It has long legs for use when throwing baseballs, and short legs for use when throwing softballs.

Not just a hitting machine, JUGS' proprietary swivel base allows the JUGS Combination pitching machine to rotate 360 degrees. This means it can cover the entire field for defensive drills, shooting towering fly balls and pop-ups as well as hard grounders and line drives. Better still, you can put back spin on the flies and top spin on the grounders to make them far more realistic than what can be achieved with a one wheel machine.

This two wheel pitching machine features 2 separate 1/4 horsepower, 3 amp motors and each wheel is equipped with a specialized non-marking pneumatic tire. Easy set up and transport, the JUGS baseball and softball pitching machine has removable legs, which allows it to fit into the trunk of pretty much any car.

Best of all, the JUGS Combination pitching machine feature an industry leading 5-YEAR WARRANTY covering all parts (moving and non-moving) against normal wear and factory defects. It is powered by any standard 110 volt electrical outlet. For complete warranty information, please see our Shipping and Returns page.

Please Note: Pitching machine wheels degrade faster with real balls, the seams on real balls cause them not to pitch as accurately and the pressure exerted on real balls causes them to soften up, eventually to the point where their covers get ripped off by pitching machines. The seams on real balls also cause them to pitch inaccurately. Because of that, we recommend buying dimpled pitching machine balls, which last practically forever, pitch more accurately and are much more kind to pitching machine wheels.

Discount JUGS Combination Baseball-Softball Pitching Machine Features:

  • Throws every kind of pitch imaginable - both as a baseball and a softball pitching machine
  • Adjustable speed from 20 to 104 MPH
  • Patented "Quick Change" system quickly changes from baseball to softball
  • Two sets of legs: long legs for baseball; short legs for softball
  • Two sets of feeder tubes: baseball feeder; 11" and 12" softball feeder
  • Easy to set up and transport - removable legs
  • Features two non-marking pneumatic wheels
  • 360-degree swivel covers entire field, throwing grounders, fly balls, pop-ups and liners
  • Dual 1/4 horsepower (3-amp) motors
  • Throws real baseballs and softballs (11-inch and 12-inch), dimple balls, lite balls and tennis balls
  • Operates on standard 110 volt electricity
  • Weight: 127 lbs
  • Backed by an industry best 5-YEAR manufacturers warranty
  • Recommended for ages 12 to adult

Check out the manufacturer's video of the JUGS Combination Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine, below:

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