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JLB Innovations WMP-22 Windmill Pitching Machine

JLB Innovations WMP-22 Windmill Pitching Machine

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  • Perfectly simulates fastpitch softball windup
  • Two wheels - throw fastballs, changeups, drops & risers
  • Throws from 40 MPH - 70 MPH
  • Made in the USA - 5 Year Warranty
  • Allow 3-4 weeks for shipping

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Discount JLB WMP-22 Windmill Pitching Machine Description

If you're serious about fast pitch softball and want the most realistic batting practice experience possible, look no further. The JLB WMP-22 Windmill Pitching Machine is the ONLY pitching machine made that duplicates the windup and release of a real pitcher. There's no better way to perfect your timing when you see the ball the whole way, from windup to pitch.

Two wheels with independent speed control allow you to throw fastballs, changeups, rising fastballs, drops - everything a good fastpitch softball pitcher might be throwing in a real game. Not a kid's machine, the WMP-22 Windmill fastpitch softball machine can be adjusted to throw from 40 MPH to 70 MPH - faster than any pitcher you are likely to face!

The concave, hard wheels grip the softball batter and do less damage to real balls than flat wheel tires and because you don't have to fill them with air, you won't have to continually stop the machine to put more air in or take air out as the tires heat up, like you do with pneumatic tires.

Unlike many other manufacturers who dramatically fudge the truth about the "pinpoint accuracy" of their pitching machines. JLB tells it like it is. It will spread balls all around the zone just like a real pitcher does. It might even throw one just outside the strike zone on rare occasion - just to keep you honest. The fact is, it is just as accurate as any other two wheel machine - 90%+ balls in the strike zone.

Best of all, the JLB Windmill pitching machine is 100% made in the U.S.A. All components and parts come from American companies and are assembled and shipped FREE direct from the manufacturer - with no middleman shipping markup. Not only can you feel good about supporting an American company, but you know that in the extremely rare event that something went wrong with the machine and you needed parts or service, the turnaround is fast. Many other pitching machine manufacturers will have you idle for months because they have to wait for their parts to arrive from China.

Still not convinced? Check out the video, below, and we think you'll see why there is no better fast pitch softball pitching machine made!

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