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Iron Mike MP-4 Pitching Machine

Iron Mike MP-4 Pitching Machine

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  • Pitches balls from 25-85 MPH
  • Throws baseballs & softballs (slow or fast pitch)
  • Holds 600 baseballs or 400 softballs
  • Includes Positive Feed Control Unit
  • Heavy duty reinforced frame
  • Note: Iron Mike machines typically take 1-2 weeks to ship

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Discount Iron Mike MP-4 Pitching Machine

The Iron Mike MP-4 pitching machine is the pitching machine of choice of major league baseball teams and is the most heavy duty, reinforced arm style pitching machine made. It throws up to 85 MPH and can hold 600 baseballs or 400 softballs - an entire team's worth of batting practice!

The tank of Master Pitch's Iron Mike pitching machine series, the MP-4 includes extra reinforcements on the frame to protect the machine against batted balls and it also includes a Positive Feed Control Unit that keeps seamed balls flowing properly through the automatic feed system. If the extra reinforcement and/or feed control is not important to you, you might want to buy a Iron Mike MP-6 pitching machine, which is the same machine without the extra protection and positive feed control unit.

The Iron Mike MP-4 is equipped with a heavy duty arm and hand system with a lockable arm guard cover, ensuring the pitching machine will last for many years. As with any arm style pitching machine, the MP-4 lets batters see the windup and pitch exactly like they would from a real pitcher - invaluable training for getting a hitter's swing timing down.

Use it with baseballs, 11 or 12 inch softballs and even tennis balls - real, dimpled or lite balls. Because the Iron Mike MP-4 does not apply pressure to balls like wheel-style pitching machines, it can throw real balls without damaging the balls. Real balls last just as long with an Iron Mike MP-4 as they do with a real pitcher!

Built to last by Master Pitch, very little maintenance is required - just check the nuts and bolts from time to time to ensure they are tight and grease the chain and apply oil in a few spots and you should get many years of use out of your Iron Mike machine.

At 625 pounds, it is definitely not a portable pitching machine. It's a machine that is best used in permanent batting cages and is powered by any standard 110 volt electrical outlet. The Iton Mike MP-4 includes hold-down clips for permanent installation.

Also included with the MP-4 is a FREE remote control with an 80 foot long cord. This allows batters to start and stop the machine (no more missed pitches running back to the plate after the machine has been started).

Get your Discount Iron Mike MP-4 now, while it is still at these low, introductory prices!

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