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Iron Mike C-82 Pitching Machine
Iron Mike C-82 Pitching Machine

Iron Mike C-82 Pitching Machine

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Available (see full product description, below, for shipment time frame)

Iron Mike orders are taking approximately 3-4 weeks to ship. If you want an Iron Mike pitching machine, it is best to order it now. There is already quite a backlog of ordered pitching machines. Get your order in now so that you do not fall back even further in line!


  • Pitches balls from 20-60 MPH
  • Throws baseballs & softballs (slow or fast pitch)
  • Holds 25 baseballs or 20 softballs
  • Includes transport wheels
  • Note: Iron Mike machines typically take 1-2 weeks to ship
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Discount Iron Mike C-82 Pitching Machine

The most lightweight version of a true, arm style pitching machine, the Iron Mike C-82 is a mini version of the same pitching machine you see at most public batting cages. Although it is not recommended for high school baseball or fastpitch softball players because it cannot reach speeds as fast as pitchers are throwing at that age group, the Iron Mike C-82 is a great machine for younger players.

Batters get better when they perfect their timing and there is no better simulator of a real pitcher than seeing the "arm" of the Iron Mike C-82 Pitching Machine load up before delivering a pitch.

The C-82 can throw baseballs or softballs, holding up to 25 baseballs or 20 softballs (11 or 12 inch) and pitching them from 20-60 MPH. It is great for fast pitch or slow pitch softball practice, too. Unlike wheel pitching machines, no stress is put on the balls,so it is a great solution for people who want to practice their hitting with real balls. That's why so many major league teams use them!

Select from a Baseball, Softball or Combo pitching machine, which affects whether we send just a baseball arm, a softball a,rm or both baseball and softball arms.

While it is true that, at 175 pounds, the Iron Mike C-82 is heavier than any wheel driven pitching machine, it has a set of 2 wheels attached to the base and is still portable enough to be easily wheeled from one spot to another. Just tilt it up and push it where you want it to go. It runs on 110 volts AC and can be plugged into any ordinary electrical outlet.

Manufactured by Master Pitch - the inventor of the first commercial pitching machine - Iron Mike pitching machines are the most widely used pitching machines at public batting cages because they are super durable. Iron Mike C-82 pitching machines are very low maintenance - they only require periodic tightening of nuts and bolts as well as occasional greasing of the chain and a few other spots. They include a 1 year manufacturers warranty, as well (see the "Warranty" tab, above, for full warranty details). It is powered by any standard 110 volt electrical outlet. 

If you do not want to miss the first couple of pitches, consider adding a remote control on/off switch with your order via the check box above the Add To Cart button. The 80 foot long cord will reach from the pitching machine to the batter's area in even the longest of batting cages!

IMPORTANT: Iron Mike pitching machines are quite heavy and lift gate service is not included with the delivery. It is your responsibility to get the pitching machine from the curb to wherever it is that you want the pitching machine.

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