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Icing Your Pitching Arm May Hinder Recovery

Posted by on 6/14/2014 to Pitching Tips

Ron Guidry Icing His ArmOften, you'll see major league pitchers icing their arms immediately after an outing. I guess that's why you see so many little league coaches telling their young pitchers to do the same thing.

Icing your arm after throwing may actually hurt your arm recovery, though. According to Jeff Moree, sore muscles need the nutrients carried in the blood stream to recover quickly and icing your arm slows that process down. Instead, he says that running immediately after throwing will help circulate those nutrients quicker.

It is important to know the difference between actual pain and soreness, however. Ice is an excellent way of reducing swelling, which is the result of injuries. Simple muscle soreness is another thing. As Jeff points out, you never hear someone telling you to ice your muscles after working out in the weight room!

Learn the difference between simple soreness and the pain caused by injury and if your arm is tired, try grabbing a few laps next time instead of the ice bag. Or, even if you do need to ice your arm, add some running to the mix. You might be surprised by how much more quickly you heal!

Pitching Machine Stop Quote of the Day:"A sore arm is like a headache or a toothache. It can make you feel bad, but if you just forget about it and do what you have to do, it will go away. If you really like to pitch and you want to pitch, that's what you'll do." - Warren Spahn

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