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Doug Bernier Provides Tips For Hitting Inside Pitches

Posted by on 8/9/2014 to Hitting Tips

How to hit an inside pitchOnce again, we are featuring an article written by pro baseball player Doug Bernier. In this article, Doug shows players what they should be doing to make solid contact with inside pitches and also shows you what not to do.

All three tips have to do with the position of your legs:

  • Have a 50/50 weight distribution between front and back legs
  • Fully rotate back leg and hip
  • Keep front leg firm and drive through the ball

Known as one of the better pure hitters in baseball, when Doug Bernier discusses anything having to do with hitting, you should listen!

You can read the full article at 3 Tips for Hitting the Inside Pitch.

Pitching Machine Stop Quote of the Day:"I had strong legs that would have made me a good sumo wrestler and I used that to my advantage, but my home runs were achieved by technique. "
Sadaharu Oh

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