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Cimarron Pro Pitchback Rebounder
Cimarron Pro Pitchback Rebounder

Cimarron Pro Pitchback Rebounder

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  • Double sided for 2 player simultaneous use
  • 1.5 inch, 18 guage galvanized steel frame
  • Durable 100% weatherized net

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Discount Cimarron Pro Pitchback Rebounder

One of the best devices made for baseball or softball defensive practice, Cimarron Sports' Pitchback Pro is a must-have for any ballplayer.

Balls rebound off of the net back toward the thrower as line drives or grounders, all depending which part of the net the ball is thrown to. So, not only is it great for perfecting throwing accuracy, players practice their fielding skills at the same time with each throw.

No, this isn't the cheap kind of pitchback net you can find at your local WalMart. The Cimarron Pitchback Pro features a sturdy 1.5 inch, 18 gauge galvanized steel frame and super durable, 100% weatherized nylon netting. Bungee tie-downs create the springback instead of the cheap springs that, stretch out, lose their spring and rust that you will find on cut-rate pitchback nets. In fact, there are no screws, nuts or bolts on the Pitchback Pro to rust, either!

Best of all, this not just a one player defensive drill net. Both sides of the 48" wide x 68" high Cimarron Pitchback Pro can be used simultaneously, providing a full 39 feet of throwing area. It's unique dual sided design makes it virtually impossible to tilt over!

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