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A Late Launch Helps With Pitching Velocity And Prevents Injuries

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 7/26/2014 to Pitching Tips

Pitcher pushing off the moundA late launch allows a pitcher to get the maximum amount of velocity behind every pitch. If done properly, it also allows a pitcher to throw hard without undue wear and tear on their arm. Here's how to achieve it ...

Top Hand - The Key to Hitting Consistency

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 7/19/2014 to Hitting Tips

Joe Francisco, former player in the Braves organization, works with New York Mets catcher, Cam Maron, to show proper top hand progression. The drill's main focus is to get the bat head out in front, on the proper swing plane level, so that you can make much more solid and consistent contact with the ball.

Pitchers' Arm Injuries Can Be Prevented

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 7/12/2014 to Pitching Tips

Examining a sore armThe number of high school pitchers requiring UCL reconstruction each year has tripled in the past decade. According to Nathan E. Gotch, pitcher's arm injuries can be prevented. It really boils down to four things that coaches are doing wrong ...

Baseball and Weight Training - Do the Two Really Mix?

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 7/5/2014 to Health & Fitness

baseball players working out with medicine ballIf you go back several decades, the common thought was that baseball players should never lift weights. Common thinking at the time was that bulking up would cause players to lose their agility and harm their throwing, hitting and fielding far more than the added power would help. Today, many coaches are telling players to lift weights. Are they right?