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Baseball Superstars Impact the Team With More Than Just Their Skills

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 6/28/2014 to Coaching Tips

Pushing Giant Baseball Up a HillThe stars on any baseball team do more than put up great numbers. Whether they know it or not, the superstars on any team dictate the mood, morale and work ethic of the team they are on. Coaches need to make sure their stars are leading both on and off the field.

Great Tips For Power Hitting

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 6/21/2014 to Hitting Tips

Batter Making Contact with BallOften, hitters develop bad habits that not only make it harder to make solid contact but ones that make it extremely difficult to drive the ball with power. Quite often, those bad habits are the result of bad drills their coaches are using.

Icing Your Pitching Arm May Hinder Recovery

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 6/14/2014 to Pitching Tips

Ron Guidry Icing His ArmOften, you'll see major league pitchers icing their arms immediately after an outing. I guess that's why you see so many little league coaches telling their young pitchers to do the same thing. Icing your arm after throwing may actually hurt your arm recovery, though.

Using Kinetic Bands for Baseball Training

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 6/7/2014 to Baseball Equipment

Kinetic BandsKinetic bands have become very popular in recent years in a variety of sports. They allow athletes to strengthen muscles that are used in motions that are specific to their sports. There are various different ways the resistance bands can be used in baseball to improve speed, hitting, pitching and hitting. Here are a few drills you can use to improve your baseball muscles: