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Two Huge Base Running Errors That Cost Teams a Game!

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 5/31/2014 to Coaching Tips

Newspaper Clipping - Merkle's BonerEarlier, we posted an article here on the blog that outlined the things coaches need to drill into their players in order to avoid base running mistakes. It featured a breakdown of the things base runners need to be thinking about from various different bases in multiple game situations. Here are two examples of base running errors that cost teams a win ...

4 Quick Fielding Drills You Can Do Anywhere

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 5/17/2014 to Fielding Tips

Time and space are two of the biggest excuses for not practicing your game. Here are four fielding drills that can be done practically anywhere in very little space. Three of them are two player drills and one can even be done solo.

Drills to Combat Common Hitting Flaws

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 5/10/2014 to Hitting Tips

Although there are plenty of good baseball instruction videos floating around on the web, every now and then I come across a truly outstanding one. This video is one of the best ones I have seen for breaking down the swing. Here's what can go wrong when your swing mechanics are not perfect ...

Winning Base Running Means Winning Games

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 5/3/2014 to Coaching Tips

Running Bases in Little LeagueMore runs are gained (or lost) in Little League due to heads-up base running or base running errors than are gained as a result of actual hits. If you are a Little League coach, make the following tips second nature to all members of your team and it could be the difference between a couple of extra wins or a couple of extra losses: