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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 7/14/2019

Posted by on 7/14/2019 to Tips of the Week

This week's baseball tips were dominated by two things - Dan Blewett and parental advice. Here are the best of the best from this past week ...

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a 2-Seamer - Dan Blewett goes into incredible detail in this video about the two seam fastball. He discusses why it is not a pitch everyone should be throwing, how often he says it being thrown incorrectly and offers several methods of throwing it correctly.

Emulating Great Hitters - In this video, Coach Justin discusses 5 simple things that every good hitter does. Are you doing them all?

When Should You Start Thinking About Being Recruited? - Matt Antonelli discusses when baseball players should start thinking about the college recruiting process and what they should be doing at various stages to get their names out there.

Should Youth Baseball Teams Employ a Shift? - Dan Blewett discusses something that you see frequently in youth baseball games and whether or not it makes any sense for youth baseball teams to employ a shift against opposing batters.

Interview with Blake Treinen - Eric Cressey talks with Oakland A's All Star pitcher, Blake Treinen, about a variety of subjects. Truly, an amazing story about an unknown, un-recruited player who overcame pretty much every obstacle thrown at him and made his way to the big leagues.

What's Your Baseball Attitude? - Coach Sean Laird discusses what separates kids with good attitudes from ones with bad attitudes and how kids with bad attitudes typically are that way because of bad parenting

Zoned Sports Academy 24 Hour Rule - Speaking of parents, Coaches Duke Baxter and Steve Nikorak talk about their 24 Hour Rule, something they implemented to keep parents from distracting coaches during games and practices.

Dealing With Baseball Injuries the Right Way - When you get injured and have to warm the bench, it sucks. How you handle your downtime can greatly influence your chances of getting back on the field when you have completely recovered. Dan Blewett discusses the things you should be doing while you rehab.

The Perfect Time to Fix Your Swing - You never want to tinker with major changes during the season; it usually does far more harm than good. For most youth baseball players, summer is the perfect time to try major swing overhauls because they aren't playing games. Coach Justin shows you what to work on to upgrade your swing, now that you have the time.

Should You Steam a Baseball Glove? - Dan Blewett talks about the practice of steaming baseball gloves to make them softer. It's good for some players and not others. Check out the video ...

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