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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 6/30/2019

Posted by on 6/30/2019 to Tips of the Week

This week was a pretty light one in terms of baseball and softball tips. That said, there were still some excellent ones for coaches and players. Pitching tips, hitting tips, fielding tips, motivational tips and more ...

Being in Sync on a Double Play - Matt Antonelli discusses the importance of always doing things the same way - whether you are a second baseman or a shortstop - so that you do not throw off the timing of your partner.

Did Luke Smith Cost Louisville the College World Series? - If you haven't seen it, Luke Smith dropped a few F-bombs toward the Vanderbilt dugout after striking out the last batter in the 8th. The next inning, Vanderbilt got their revenge, coming from behind and knocking Louisville out of the CWS. In "Pitching in the Big Game: How to Handle Yourself", Brad Kirsch discusses the incident and how it very well could have been what turned the tide. He discusses keeping your composure and, as always, not pissing off the baseball gods.

The First Step to Stealing Bases - Coach Andrew Sacks says that the key to stealing more bases is in your first step. He discusses his three step progression to improve your first step quickness.

Hitting Like an MVP - Eric Cressey interviews legendary hitting coach, Bobby Tewksbary, instructor to multiple major league MVPs and All Stars. They discuss how the game has evolved from one where talking about swing mechanics was considered "taboo" - something that caused slumps - to the current situation where every single part of the swing is analyzed and tweaked.

Finger Pointing is Best Done in Front of a Mirror - In this article about Finger Pointing, Coach Ron Wolforth talks about all of the finger pointing that goes on in baseball and how everybody does it - coaches, parents and players. In the end, you can only control yourself and finger pointing is just an excuse for not being accountable for your own actions.

5 Painful Lessons Baseball Teaches You - Coach Justin discusses 5 painful things about the game of baseball - things that are true about everything in life. Conquer them on the field and you'll be more successful in everything you do.

Fastpitch Softball - Using Both Legs Together is the Key to a Powerful Pitch - In his article, "Helping Fastpitch Pitchers Feel Their Legs Working Together", Ken Krause provides a simple drill that utilizes a resistance band to show fastpitch softball pitchers how to use their legs together for more power.

How to Throw a Cutter - Coach Ron Rivera discusses two different grips for throwing a cut fastball - a much easier pitch to add to your repertoire than a slider or curveball.

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