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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 6/16/2019

Posted by on 6/16/2019 to Tips of the Week

This week we have a mixed bag - some pitching, hitting and fielding tips, a couple of motivational tips, an interview with an ace major league pitcher and some tips for how to contact college baseball teams. Here are the best softball and baseball articles and videos from the past week ...

How to Throw a Changeup - Juan Rivera demonstrates two different methods of throwing a changeup - one for older, more advanced pitchers and one for younger pitchers, whose hands aren't quite as big.

Playing the Bunt with a Man on First - Dan Blewett demonstrates how each position needs to play the bunt in order to get the lead runner out at second.

Common Hitting Mistakes - Coach Justin demonstrates the 5 mistakes he sees most often with hitters and how to correct those mistakes.

Where First Basemen Should Stand - Matt Antonelli demonstrates the positioning mistake he sees most often with first basemen and then shows where a first baseman should be standing in order to take away a whole lot of base hit real estate from hitters.

Interview with Miles Mikolas - In this podcast, Eric Cressey interviews Cardinals ace, Miles Mikolas. They discuss why he chose to play college ball at Division II Nova Southeastern University and why he decided to leave the minors and play ball in Japan. Mikola also discusses how working on his leg strength greatly improved his velocity, the mechanics adjustment that changed his career, his between-starts routine, catcher Yadier Molina and more.

How to Contact Colleges You Hope to Play Ball For - In "Want to Play Collage Baseball?", Coach Steve Nicollerat discusses what many coaches do wrong by trying to highlight player skills instead of trying to win games and then outlines 4 steps for identifying the right schools to contact and how to contact them about playing ball for them.

Don't Get Frozen in the Batter's Box - Matt Antonelli discusses why hitters sometimes can't pull the trigger on a pitch and what they can do to prevent freezing up.

Pitchers - There's Only One Thing You Can Control - Dan Blewett talks about all the noise that infects the minds of some pitchers and how there is only one thing a pitcher should ever be thinking about - the only job they really have.

You Win Some, You Lose Some - Picking up on the same theme as the previous Dan Blewett video, this Brad Kirsch article talks about some of the greatest games ever pitched that ended up being losses and how a pitcher can only control one thing - their pitches. The rest is up to their team and the baseball gods.

Throwing Harder Without Weights - Although he strongly urges players to lift weights to improve all aspects of their game, Coach Justin explains other things pitchers can do to increase their velocity.

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