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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 5/26/2019

Posted by on 5/26/2019 to Tips of the Week

This week was an extremely light week as far as baseball and softball tips go. Everyone must have been gearing up for the big Memorial Day weekend, I guess. Here are the best softball and baseball tips from this past week ...

Keep It Simple Is Just Plain Stupid! - Matt Antonelli discusses why telling players who are in a slump to just "keep it simple and hit the ball" is not very helpful at all. In most cases, there is a small but important mechanical or mental flaw that causes extended hitting slumps and giving players something to work on is a whole lot better than advising them to just "keep it simple".

Know Who You Are - In the article, "You Know You're Not Mariano!!!", Brad Kirsch laments the fact that so many players try to emulate other players instead of being who they are and understanding their own strengths and limitations. As important as analyzing the swings of great hitters or the mechanics of great pitchers can be, we need to know our own physical limitations and work within them to be the best players we can be. Who knows? ... the best version of YOU may end up being better than the star you are trying to emulate!

What College Recruiters Look For - Eric Cressey interviews Matt Hobbs, who has coached for a wide variety of top college baseball programs and helped dozens of players who have signed major league contracts, including 7 MLB players, about what he looks for in players. Although stats and numbers play a small part, he is far more interested in seeing what players actually do in real games against the best players and in what their coaches tell them about the players. They also discuss things players can do that will actually help them get recruited and things that many players do that don't really help them at all. You can listen to the podcast here.

Squash This Common Expression - If you've heard it once, you've heard it a hundred times - coaches advising young hitters to "squash the bug". What does that mean and is it really the advice you should be giving young hitters? Coach Justin says "no" and tells you what you should be doing, instead.

Stealing Third Base - Last week, Matt Antonelli showed fielders how to hold a runner on second, making it more difficult for them to get a jump and steal third. This week, he turns the tables and tells runners on second how they can get an edge that makes stealing third base easier.

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