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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 5/19/2019

Posted by on 5/19/2019 to Tips of the Week

This week was a veritable cornucopia of baseball tips and features. A couple of great interviews with MLB pros, two different videos with tips for infielders, some hitting tips, pitching tips and even advice for coaches. Check out this week's best articles and videos ...

Where You Need to be on a Bunt - Knowing who should field the ball and who needs to cover each bag can get confusing on a bunt - especially when there are runners on first and second. Dan Blewett breaks it down in this video.

Interview with Mitch Haniger - David Laurila interviews Mariners outfielder, Mitch Haniger, about his hitting approach, which he has previously called "complex". In this interview, Haniger explains that although the approaches, themselves, are simple, he has more than one approach, all depending on the pitcher and the game situation, which is what makes it complex to explain. Check the interview out here.

Holding the Runner to the Bag - With a runner on second, somebody has to hold him close to the bag or he'll swipe third easily. Matt Antonelli shows what many players do wrong and the proper way for shortstops and second basemen to keep a runner on second honest.

If You're Standing Still, You're Moving Backwards - In his article, Nothing Grows in the Comfort Zone, Ken Krause explains why some young players, that are clearly better than their peers, end up being just mediocre players a few years later and what players and coaches need to do to keep that from happening.

How to Overcome the Fear of Getting Hit by a Pitch - It's happened to the best of players. They get beaned and suddenly, they are nowhere as aggressive as they used to be at the plate. In this video, Coach Justin explains what players can do to regain their confidence and stop being scared of the ball.

Get Your Timing Down Before You Enter the Batter's Box - Matt Antonelli explains what you should be doing in the on deck circle so that when it's your time to hit, you have your timing down for the pitcher you are about to face.

Sit on Your Pitch - I think we've all heard the advice to anticipate a fastball and adjust for off speed pitches. Steve Springer says that is terrible advice unless you have two strikes on you. His message on timing is simple ... know the pitcher, what he throws in certain situations and sit on that - especially if it is in the meat of the plate. In other words, swing at the pitch you want and that you know is coming. Let anything else go.

Interview with Marcus Walden - David Laurila interviews Boston rookie phenom, Marcus Waldon, discussing his devastating slider and why it took him so long to make it to the majors. Check out the interview here.

How to Communicate With Your Bullpen - Dan Blewett says that it is vital to effectively communicate with your bullpen pitchers about how soon you might need them to be ready. If they don't know when they might be entering the game, they may waste too many good pitches in the pen or they might not be warm enough to enter the game.

Baseball ... the Game of Life - I've said it many times before ... team sports play a vital role in developing the character and work ethic of young men and women - skills that serve them well the rest of their life. In 8 Life Lessons From Baseball, Samantha Parrish outlines the lessons you learn on the field and translates them to everyday life.

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