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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 4/7/2019

Posted by on 4/7/2019 to Tips of the Week

This week was a strange one. There weren't nearly as many quality tips to sort through as last week and the vast majority of them were fielding tips and drills.  Fielding tips are fairly rare compared to the number of pitching and hitting tips, so seeing this many the same week is very different. I guess it's that time of year when fundamentals are being worked on ahead of a long season. Here's the best of the best this week ...

Drills for Catchers and Infielders: In the following video, you see an actual Matt Antonelli practice, where he teaches the best fielding techniques for turning double plays as well as a couple of tips for catchers:

Do You Stay After Practice? Maybe You Should!: While recording another chapter for the audio version of his book, Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir, Dan Blewett recalls that one thing that a lot of the very best players have in common is an unwillingness to leave when practice is over. Check it out:

Tips from a Real Ace Pitcher: In this week's podcast, Eric Cressey interviews two time American League Cy Young Award winner, Corey Kluber. Corey talks about a variety of things - how he grips the ball for various pitches, pitch design, his long term approach to continual development, what he does between starts and between pitches, training and throwing programs he does ... pretty much everything! Click here to listen to the podcast.

Hitting All Starts With Seeing The Ball: I learned early in my young baseball life how crucial seeing the ball was when I got my first pair of glasses. It was amazing how much easier hitting became when I could actually see the ball! Vision correction aside, there are other things you can do to see the ball better, which coach Justin discusses in this video:

More Fielding Drills: We get to take a sneak peek at another Matt Antonelli baseball practice where proper cutoff positioning is the focus. I've seen far too many games that were decided because people were not in the correct places on the field after a ball was fielded. Great drills and ones that coaches should hammer into their players' heads each and every practice. Check the video out:

Yes, Even More Fielding Drills: In this podcast, Trent Mongero discusses why it isn't always the greatest idea to try to spice practices up in order to make them more interesting. Boring fundamentals are necessary for improvement and the repetition increases mental and physical muscle memory. Not just a podcast, a couple of excellent videos of the drills he mentions are included, as well. Check it out here.

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