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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 4/14/2019

Posted by on 4/14/2019 to Tips of the Week

There weren't very many highlight reel-worthy tips this week as others. In fact, the vast majority of articles, videos or podcasts this week were motivational ones or geared toward parents and coaches. Still, all of the ones we highlight this week are worth a read, view or listen ...

Pitch Calling Strategy - Dan Blewett gets very detailed in this video, discussing the only plate locations pitchers should think about throwing their fastball and when. Check it out, below:

Podcast Interview with Joe Panik - Eric Cressey interviews All Star and Golden Glove San Francisco Giants second baseman, Joe Panik. Joe talks about how much harder it is for a position player from the northeast to get drafted out of high school and why he chose to play college ball for St. Johns, even though he was heavily recruited by west coast powerhouse universities. He also talks about playing for the Giants, the dilemma of doing what he does best - being a contact hitter - vs. trying to be a power hitter - something that teams seem to be really looking (and paying) for in today's game and why he changed swing, among other things. Check it out by clicking here.

What Baseball Scouts Look For - Bernie Pleskoff spent many years as a scout for the Houston Astros. In his article, "Questions I'm asked as a Scout", he recounts the questions he has been asked most including how someone can become a professional scout, what he looks for in pitchers, hitters and fielders. Some of the things may surprise you!

The Role of a Hitting Coach - Justin Stone from Elite Baseball Training discusses the role of a hitting coach and how it differs in-season vs. off-season. Are you asking the right questions to help your hitters during the season?

Why Parents Should Read Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir - Dan Blewett discusses why parents should read his new book. It'll help them better understand their kids and give them a detailed look at the mindset of a baseball player. It's tough to help your kid if you don't know what they are thinking and what motivates them, after all.

Podcast Interview with Steve Cishek - Eric Cressey interviews Chicago Cubs pitcher Steve Cishek. Steve talks about his high school playing days and how he was not the ideal physical specimen that coaches envision. He talks about how he wasn't recruited and how he had to market himself to get noticed by colleges, finally playing for Division II Carson-Newman College. He discusses being exposed to a lot of new things at Carson-Newman like conditioning, weight training, discipline and drills that made him a stronger and better pitcher. He also talks about his pitching mechanics, how pitching at maximum velocity isn't always the best things for getting players out and how he ended up learning to throw a slider. Check out the podcast by clicking here.

What Else Do You Bring to the Table? - Samantha Parrish discusses the intangibles that Nick Sabin considers, aside from an athlete's skill set, before deciding whether or not to recruit them for the Crimson Tide football team. Are you going to be someone who upsets the team chemistry or that has off-filed problems or are you going to be someone who makes the team better, even if you never play a down? (kind of reminds me of the movie, Rudy). Click here to read, her article, "Ands & Buts".

Another Excerpt from Dan Blewett's Audiobook - Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir is a great read but Dan Blewett is also in the midst of recording the audiobook version of it. This is an excerpt from the Chapter 12 recording - a section of the book that deals with getting better each and every day.

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