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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 3/24/2019

Posted by on 3/24/2019 to Tips of the Week

There were very few posts this past week relating to developing a young baseball or softball player's game. Maybe everyone is caught up in March Madness. Still, what there was, certainly was solid advice. This past week's highlights include drills for catchers, a drill for hitters and several motivational pieces.

Getting You Bat on the Correct Swing Path - Chas Pippett from Baseball Rebellion shows us the "wall drill" - a training exercise that will get your bat in a more powerful launch angle. Check out the video, below:

How to Move Mountains (and more mountains) - Jonathan Massey from Texas Baseball Ranch starts his post out with a Haitian proverb, which is about overcoming obstacles and then the obstacles behind those obstacles. Truly great advice for life, just not baseball! Check out the short post, "The Obstacle Is The Way" here.

Besting the Best to be the Best - Picking up where Jonathan Massey left off, Brad Kirsch from Slider Domination writes about challenging yourself to move up to a different level if things are too easy. Sure, your stats may look great, but they are really meaningless in terms of your overall growth if you are not constantly challenging yourself. Geared mostly toward pitchers, his article, "Why Play Against The Best???", really applies to everyone - coaches and hitters, too!

Gunning Down Runners - Ken Krause from Life in the Fastpitch lane discusses the two things catchers are judged most on - blocking errant throws and throwing runners out, the latter of which is the easiest to work on. In "Adding A Little 'Pop' to Catcher Pop Times", he outlines 6 different ways a catcher can improve the time it takes to get the ball out of their glove and into the glove of the fielder tagging a runner out.

Pre-Game Jitters can be a Good Thing! - Getting nervous before a game is only natural - as coach Justin says, if you didn't get a little jittery, it means you don't care, which is far worse than a little bit of anxiety. Still, you need to learn how to control those nerves and not let them turn into fear. In the following video, coach Justin talks about how to overcome pre-game jitters:

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