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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 3/10/2019

Posted by on 3/10/2019 to Tips of the Week

This past week was a pretty solid week for baseball tips. Although the majority of the tips this week were geared toward pitchers, there were a couple of very solid hitting tips, as well. Here's the best of the week ...

How to do Offseason Batting Practice vs. Preseason Batting Practice - Believe it or not, what you swing at in a cage during the offseason should not be the same pitches you swing at during preseason (or even in-season) practice. Justin Stone from Elite Baseball TV tells you why ...

What's More Important - Velocity or Location? - Slider Domination's Brad Kirsch says if you can't locate, then all the velocity in the world isn't going to save your career. Check out the blog post, Velocity vs Location: Pitching RANT.

Command vs. Control - It's Not Just For Pitchers - Picking up where Brad Kirsch's rant left off, Coach Flint Wallace from the Texas Baseball Ranch talks about how to become a more precise pitcher. In Command, It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore – Part 1, he includes a variety of drills both for pitchers and fielders that can help you develop much better throwing accuracy.

Focus on These Three Things To Become a Better Hitter - Coach Justin says that you only need to concentrate on three things to become a much better hitter. He also shows you how to accomplish those three things. Check the video out, below:

Why Process Trumps Outcome - While playing with a handheld blackjack trainer, Life in the Fastpitch Lane's Ken Krause was reminded of why perfecting the process of playing a hand correctly was more important than whether any given had turned out to be a winner or a loser. His article, Staying Focused on the Process, Not the Outcome, points out why that is so important on the ball field, as well.

Does the Offseason Cause Early Season Pitching Injuries? Michael O’Connell at Driveline Baseball is at it again, with excruciating analysis of the factors that seem to lead to early season arm injuries. Although no conclusions are definitively reached in the article, Workload, Range Of Motion, And Early Season Injuries, several solid hypotheses are developed that seem to show that when you stop pitching for a period of time, your range of motion becomes limited and that is what may lead to so many early season pitching injuries. What you do with that knowledge is another thing, but it seems to indicate that players and coaches need to find a better way of increasing that range of motion in such a way that it does not lead to early season injuries.

Pitch Design Podcast? - As a follow up to a previous podcast, Driveline Baseball's Mike and Kyle talk to Pitching Coordinator Eric Jagers and Former Director of Pitching Matt Daniels about how smaller programs that can't afford big league camera equipment can still benefit from pitch design. Check out the podcast.

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