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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 2/3/2019

Posted by on 2/3/2019 to Tips of the Week

I'm not sure what was going on this past week. Maybe baseball gurus are bigger football fans than I thought and they spent the majority of their week planning Superbowl parties. Maybe with the beginning of a new month, they were heavily involved in spring training preparation. Whatever it was, there were very, very few softball or baseball tips put forth this week. Here are the four that made this week's cut ... oh, and Go Rams! ....

Three Outfielder Tips To Track Fly Balls Better: Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training discusses three things that all outfielders can do to help them get a better jump on the ball after it leaves the bat. Check out the video, below:

What's Food Like When You Get To The Show?: It's always fun to listen to Matt Antonelli talk about the differences between things in the Major League and the minors. This week, he talks about food, the stadium food, eating out at restaurants and room service. Check it out ...

Velocity Is Big, But Are Location And Movement Even More Important?: Brad Kirsch from Slider Domination discusses how three of the all-time best - Mike Mussina, Roy Halladay and Mariano Rivera - were triple threats at their baseball peaks, having outstanding velocity, location and movement. He shows how later in their careers, they still continued to dominate - even when they could no longer rely on a blazing fastball. Check out the article and videos here.

How to Make Hitters Look Silly: Coach Zack with Ultimate Baseball Training teaches you how to throw a sinker, slider and cutter - three pitches that can utterly embarrass a hitter when you master them. Check out the video, below:

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