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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 2/24/2019

Posted by on 2/24/2019 to Tips of the Week

Now that Spring Training is in full gear, some of the more prominent tip posters have disappeared from the scene. Likely, they are down South with their prospects, hoping to get them from the spring training roster to the actual 25 man team or at least the 40 man roster. Nonetheless, there are still others contributing to the education of our baseball and softball youth and here are their tips this week ...

Are You a Hitter With Swagger?: Ken Krause from Life in the Fastpitch Lane points out that attitude is very much a part of hitting. If you go to the plate with confidence, the pitcher can sense it, giving you an advantage. Check out the article, "Put A Little Swagger In Your Swing". It's even got some great clips from the movie, Tombstone.

Keep Your Head in There: Another solid video from Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training discusses the things that cause us to pull our heads when swinging and how to stop doing it. You can't hit the ball if you your head is keeping you from seeing it all the way to the bat, after all. Check the video out, below:

Pitch With a Pair!: Looking at the whole hitter vs. pitcher equation from the other side, Brad Kirsch from Slider Domination tells pitchers that the only thing they can do is challenge hitters when they are in a tough spot. Aggressively challenging a hitter is always going to turn out better than pitching tentatively. Again, it's all about attitude and confidence. Check out his article, "When in Doubt, COMPETE!!!"

Do You Ever Really Work On Skills Anymore?: Ron Wolforth from the Texas Baseball Ranch laments the fact that in today's practically year-round youth baseball schedule - at least in many parts of the country - players aren't getting the help developing their games anymore, there is so little time between games and seasons. As great as real game experience is, without taking time to hone player skills, they cannot possibly reach their full potential. Check out his article, "The Disappearance of The Off-Season".

SLOW DOWN!: Justin Stone from Elite Baseball TV discusses transitioning from a batting tee or pitching machine to a live pitcher. Due to anxiety and adrenaline, hitters often lose their tempo and consequently, everything they worked on in practice is thrown out the window. He discusses how to get players to slow down and maintain their tempo when they finally face live pitchers. Check out the video, below:

Another Baseball Great Passes On: In "Lest we forget: Don Newcombe, continued" Ron Kaplan takes the time to honor the passing of a truly great player who never quite received the accolades he deserved. Somewhat historically overshadowed by others on the famous 1956 Dodgers team, which may have been one of the greatest ever, Newcombe won the National League MVP that year as well as the first ever Cy Young Award, which was only given to a single pitcher in all of the Major Leagues back then.

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