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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 2/10/2019

Posted by on 2/10/2019 to Tips of the Week

It was definitely a weird week as far as baseball tips go. There were only two that stood out. That said, there were a bunch of other interesting articles this week - some motivational and a couple recognizing one of the greatest people ever to grace baseball with his presence - Frank Robinson. Check them out, below:

How to Hit the Low & Away Pitch: Sean Laird demonstrates what most people do wrong - reaching for the ball when it is low and away. That robs you of all your power and you're lucky if you even make contact. Then, he shows you how to adjust your body so that you can connect with the ball much more easily - and connect with power! Check out the video, below:

You Can Still Be an Ace Without Throwing 90+ MPH: Coach Justin and Coach Zack from Ultimate Baseball Training discuss how to pitch when you don't throw 90 miles per hours. We touched upon this subject last week when Brad Kirsch from Slider Domination showed how some of the greatest of all time still had no problem getting batters out when they didn't have a blazing fastball. Zack and Justin believe that location is more important than anything and along with that, being able to throw all of the pitches in your arsenal with accuracy - even if that's only 3 or 4 different pitches. That allows you to always keep a hitter guessing and take away the pitch they are looking for. Check out the video, below:

Two Tributes to Frank Robinson: Growing up in Baltimore in the late 60's, 70s and 80s and being an avid Orioles fan, one of my all-time favorite players was Frank Robinson. I couldn't have been happier when the Reds stupidly traded him to Baltimore because they thought he was getting too old at the age of 30. He proved them wrong by winning the Triple Crown, League MVP and first of two world Series for the Birds the following year (he's the only player in baseball history to have won the MVP in both the American and National leagues). I was lucky enough to be at the old Memorial Stadium in 1971 when Robinson hit his 499th home run in game one of a double header and his 500th in game two - a mark that was even more epic at the time that he did it.

Frank Robinson was so much more to the game than just one of the best players ever, including being the first African American manager. It was truly sad that Frank passed away this past week. Two touching tributes appeared this week, honoring one of baseball's greatest players, managers and ambassadors - one by Ron Kaplan, "Lest We Forget: Frank Robinson" and another by Matt Nadel, "Frank Robinson 2/9/19".

Don't Piss Off the Baseball Gods!: A humorous article by Brad Kirsch on Slider Domination reviews the many things that can, have and will go wrong when you do not show the game and other players respect. Check out the article here.

Who's Better - Players With Beards or Clean Shaven Ones?: Yeah, I know ... whatever anyone thinks, the data is merely correlative and cannot possibly be construed as advice on whether or not a player should sport a Chewbacca chin. Still, there is no sport that is more superstitious than baseball so maybe there IS something to it. Check out Jack Kennedy's statistical analysis on Beards vs. Baby Faces on the K Zone.

Make the Easy Things Harder: A motivational piece by Jonathan Massey appeared on the Texas Baseball Ranch blog this week titled, "How Difficult Is Tying Your Shoes?" Jonathan discusses tasks that we take for granted and how they were not so easy when we first tried them (albeit, at a much younger age in this case). Then, he talks about how you should try to make those easy things more difficult so that you are always getting better.

How Many Bites Does it Take to Eat an Elephant?: Well, that question is certainly never answered and for good reason. Knowing how many it would take would make the task too daunting to contemplate. Nobody ever climbs to the top of a mountain in a few giant leaps. Many small steps get you to the summit. In "Eating the Elephant", Ken Krause talks about learning complicated skills and that the only way to do it is "one bite at a time."

A Year of Bloopers, Bests & Just Plain Weird Stuff: Ron Kaplan laments the dull days as we wait for another exciting baseball season to begin. Out of sheer desperation for something interesting to read, he picks up a copy of Athlon magazine and finds a piece titled, "Calendar of the Weird". Inspired, he finds videos of each of the 2018 incidents and posts them in his blog article, "Happy days are here again: The Baseball Annuals".

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