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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 1/27/2019

Posted by on 1/27/2019 to Tips of the Week

Another week of great tips from the baseball/softball training community. This week was dominated by drills for fielders and pitchers with a motivational piece as well as a fun, interesting trivia article and another showing the history of player salaries in baseball. Check out this week's top 10 articles and videos ...

How to Throw a Slider: Matt Antonelli talks to Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, Josh Hader, about how he throws a slider. Even better, discusses trying subtle adjustments to your grip in order to get the pitch working just the way you want it to. See the video, below:

What to Throw on 0-2 and 1-2 Counts: Dan Blewett explains not only what.where to throw on these counts where you are ahead of the hitter, but why. Check out the video, below:

Velocity Training - Less Is more: Justin Stone from Elite Baseball explains how many players try to do more - swing harder or faster, for instance when facing a pitcher with blazing speed. The opposite is what they should be doing. Check out the video, below:

Fear Gets You Nowhere: It's funny how so many things that apply to sports, serve you well in everyday life, too. Far too many people keep doing the same things in life, even though they aren't happy, because they fear making a change. Their borderline Xenophobia keeps them in the same unhappy place because it the the devil they know. The Slider Domination Blog says "Go For It!" Do the things that make you uncomfortable - pitch inside to a hitter, crowd the plate, go for the extra base. You'll never know what you can or can;t do or become a better player until you go outside of your comfort zone. You can read the short article here.

Wearing a Brace after Tommy John Surgery: Really interesting video where Dan Blewett demonstrates the brace he wore after his second Tommy John surgery. He talks about how it works and how it can become a security blanket - something that players start to fear being without. Check it out, below:

Common Infielder Mistake & How to Avoid It: Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training discusses a common mistake made by infielders - stopping your momentum when fielding a ball. Even better, he provides a drill that can keep you from losing your momentum.

How the National League Central MLB Teams Got Their Names: In the continuing series on The K Zone about how baseball teams got their names, Maddie Marriott unveils the etymology of the team names in the National League Central Division. I'll bet there are a couple that will surprise you and there's always some fun and interesting trivia revealed that few people know about. You can read the article here.

Six Steps to Pitch Like a Pro: Who knew that by working on only six things, you could become a major league pitcher? OK, maybe it takes a little more than that. Pitching "like" a Pro and becoming one aren't exactly the same thing. Current pitcher in the Los Angeles Angels organization, coach Zack breaks down the pitching mechanics that elite pitchers employ:

  • Stance & Setup
  • Rocker Step
  • Pivot & Leg Lift
  • Stride
  • Landing
  • Follow Through

Coach Zack even throws in a couple of drills at the end to help you "get down the hill" in better position. You can check the video out, below:

Improve Your Game with a Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine - Many people mistakenly believe that mini wiffle ball pitching machines are just "toys" - thing used by little kids before they are big enough to hit real baseballs. The fact is, mini wiffle ball pitching machines are used by much older players and even the pros because they further enhance your eye-hand coordination. If you can cleanly field or hit a mini wiffle mall, a real ball looks huge, making it easier to hit and field. Check out the video, below, where Matt Antonelli introduces the many fielding drills that John Madden, of YouGoPro Baseball, put together:

Recent Baseball Salary History: It's kind of shocking how baseball player salaries have skyrocketed in a relatively short period of time. Most of it is due to collective bargaining agreements and court decisions that made free agency possible. Still, it's startling how baseball player minimum salaries have risen to 46 times their previous levels in just 49 years. Compare that to the national minimum wage only increasing by 5 times the amount it was in 1970 or the national average wage increasing to just 8 times what it was in 1970. Either baseball players were severely underpaid in the past or they are grossly overpaid in today's game. You decide. You can read the article here.

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