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Baseball & Softball Tips of the Week - 1/20/2019

Posted by on 1/20/2019 to Tips of the Week

There weren't a ton of great tips this past week in the baseball/softball training community, but the ones that made the grade this week are definitely top tier. Here are this week's 6 best articles and videos ...

How to Throw a Sinker, Slider and Forkball: Former pitcher with the Padres and Mets organizations, John Madden, goes into great detail about how he perfected the sinker, slider and forkball. Those were his go-to pitches because he thinks they are much harder to hit because a batter has to change his swing plane, mid-swing. Check out the video ...

More From Madden - How to Throw Harder: Wait; there's more ... many of John Madden's drills from YouGoProBaseball.com are shown - drills that enable pitchers to throw harder. You'll learn the proper way to do the "wall drill", the "pivot picks" drill, the "reverse wall drill", the "reverse throw" drill, the "toe tap drill" and the "sit drive" drill. All of these drills train your body to be in the proper position to not only put more power behind your pitches, but also throw them in a way that prevents arm injuries. Matt Antonelli discusses why he likes each of these drills, as well. Check out the video, below:

Are We Having Fun Yet?: According to the National Sports Youth Alliance, 70% of young athletes quit sports because they aren't having fun anymore. That's pretty sad. After all, no matter what sport you play, it's a game and games are supposed to be fun. Ken Krause wrote a great, short article - Keeping the Joy in Youth Sports - that every parent, coach and even player should check out.

Are You Really Prepared for you Baseball Tryout?: Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training gives a lot of solid advice for what you should do to prepare for a baseball tryout. First, he discusses the typical structure of a baseball tryout so that you know what to expect when you arrive and can prepare yourself. After setting the stage for what to expect, Justin provides a bunch of tips for how to excel at your tryout. Check ou the video, below:

The Secret to Quicker Glove-to-Hand Transfers: Matt Antonelli talks about his year with the Orioles and how Bobby Dickerson helped him become a better infielder by having him concentrate on fielding the ball in the same spot of his glove every time. Check out the video, below:

Be Your Own Coach: The Blue Jays' Josh Donaldson tells Matt Antonelli that it is important to be your own coach and then Antonelli discusses why it is so true. Sure, all ball players need great coaches in their lives to teach them, but it's important for players to retain that information and learn to solve their own problems later, when that coach may no longer be around. Check out the video, below:

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