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Baseball Power Hitting Tips From The Little League World Series

Posted by on 8/15/2015 to Hitting Tips

Little League BatterAnyone who has been interested in Little League training long enough has probably heard of Baseball Rebellion. Known for their highly analytical approach to pitching and hitting, they offer some of the best baseball and softball training you can find online.

Baseball Rebellion is also known for their totally unique training equipment (you can't buy their swing improvement gadgets anywhere else) as well as the many excellent articles they write about hitting and pitching.

Last week, Gabe Dimock put together a piece on the best home run hitters in the 2014 Little League World Series - Little League World Series Hitting Recap. Using video, Gabe analyzes the swings of what he considers to be the top five power hitters in the tournament, pointing out the key element in each player's swing that makes them so successful.

Gabe is quick to point out that there is a difference between a solid swing that results in home runs and some of the "oops" ones that still manage to clear the fence, due to the short distance to the wall in some of the little league parks and the lively metal bats.

One by one, the top five power hitters' swings are analyzed. Gabe not only points out the things that make the swings so great, but he points out a few flaws that, if fixed, could make them even better hitters.

It's kind of interesting to see the swings of such young hitters analyzed. Sure, checking out the swings of Major League Baseball's greatest sluggers shows you how the best in the game do it, but when you see youngsters achieving success by utilizing the proper mechanics, it gives hope to every young ballplayer out there that they can do it too!

In case you missed the link earlier, you can check out the Baseball Rebellion article by clicking here.

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