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The Basics of a Great Pitchout

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 7/18/2015 to Pitching Tips

Catcher fielding pitchoutPitchers spend a lot of time working on holding runners close to the base with their pickoff moves. Being able to execute a perfect pitchout also goes a long way to keeping runners honest. Here's how to do it ...

How to Throw a Changeup

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 12/19/2014 to Pitching Tips

Baseball grip for a changeupAsk any big league pitcher, and he'll tell you that the real difference between a great pitcher and an average one is rarely how fast they can throw or how much action they have on their breaking pitches. The ability to locate pitches and vary their speeds is what truly separates pitchers.

Pitching - 101: A Primer for Young Pitchers

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 9/6/2014 to Pitching Tips

Little League pitcherQuite often an the youngest little league ages, the coach takes whatever kids can throw the hardest and makes them pitchers. There's more to pitching than throwing hard; this primer for young pitchers will help anyone new to the position get the mechanics down.

From Substitute Teacher to Baseball All-Star Game Glory

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 8/2/2014 to Pitching Tips

Blue Jays pitcher Steve DelabarWhen Steve Delabar struck out potential tying run Buster Posey in the 7th inning of the All-Star game last year, it was the perfect ending to a story so improbable, it would seem like something invented by Hallmark for a made for TV movie ...