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Swinging Late? Here's a Simple Fix!

Posted by on 6/20/2022 to Hitting Tips

Matt Antonelli provides a tip for youth hitters who are late swinging at pitches.

Three More Swing Mistakes That Make It Impossible To Hit Consistently

Posted by on 6/17/2022 to Hitting Tips

Coach Justin provides another three swing mistakes that hitters make that make it next to impossible to hit the ball consistently.

How to Keep Hitters From Pulling Their Head Out

Posted by on 6/14/2022 to Hitting Tips

The same words don't work for every player. Baseball Rebellion shows you three ways to get your point across to a hitter who is pulling their head out during their swing.

Three Common Hitting Mistakes

Posted by on 6/9/2022 to Hitting Tips

Coach Justin presents three common hitting mistakes and how to fix them.

Two Drills for Hitting Timing

Posted by on 6/2/2022 to Hitting Tips

Lisa Rizzo from Challenge U. Softball provides two drills to keep hitters grounded, leveraging their back half for better consistency and timing.

Tips for Training with a Batting Tee

Posted by on 6/1/2022 to Hitting Tips

Baseball Rebellion provides several tips for getting the most out of training with a batting tee.

Are Baseball Swings and Softball Swings the Same?

Posted by on 5/26/2022 to Hitting Tips

J.K. Whited from Baseball Rebellion dispels the myth that baseball swings and softball swings are different.

Hip Separation - Three Different Ways of Explaining it

Posted by on 5/4/2022 to Coaching Tips

Chas Pippitt from Baseball Rebellion explains hitting separation three different ways - all involve starting with the hip turn.

How to Have a Short, Quick, Powerful Swing

Posted by on 4/28/2022 to Hitting Tips

Matt Antonelli shows two pro ballplayers' swings to demonstrate how to create a short, quick, powerful swing - something that is a major asset, no matter the count.

How Launch Angle & Bat Speed Affect Hitting Results

Posted by on 4/27/2022 to Hitting Tips

Dan Blewett breaks down launch angle and bat speed and how it affects the probability that you are going to get a hit, homerun or out.

Hot to Use a Batting Key with a Young Player

Posted by on 4/26/2022 to Hitting Tips

Matt Antonelli demonstrates how to work with a young hitter and a batting tee, teaching the proper contact points and where a ball should be hit for each pitch location.

The Chicken Wing Myth

Posted by on 4/20/2022 to Hitting Tips

Matt Antonelli says that coaches who talk about the lead arm working downward (a.k.a. no "chicken wing") are giving poor advice to hitters.

Tips to Strike Out Less

Posted by on 4/13/2022 to Hitting Tips

As a pro pitcher, Dan Blewett learned to spot a hitter's weaknesses and exploit them. In this video, he tells you what to do to minimize strikeouts and take that advantage away from pitchers.

How to Fix Your Swing Timing

Posted by on 3/28/2022 to Hitting Tips

Matt Antonelli says that players who struggle with timing usually have swing mechanics that are really behind their problems.

How to Hit Pitches at Different Heights

Posted by on 3/21/2022 to Hitting Tips

Matt Antonelli discusses how to hit pitches at different heights without changing your swing mechanics.

Detailed Plan for Increasing Bat Speed

Posted by on 3/18/2022 to Hitting Tips

Nunzio Signore from RPP Baseball provides a very detailed plan for how to increase your bat speed.

Hitting Tip for Staying on the Ball

Posted by on 3/16/2022 to Hitting Tips

Matt Antonelli provides a mental cue, "splitting your body in half", in order to stay on the ball instead of pulling off during your swing.

Controlled Power Through Proper Swing Sequencing

Posted by on 3/15/2022 to Hitting Tips

Rachel Folden from Elite Baseball and Softball discusses Swing Sequence - the order in which your body parts need to load and unload in order to create the most powerful controlled swing.

What Pitching Machine Should I Buy?

Posted by on 3/14/2022 to Baseball Equipment

Dan Blewett discusses why using a pitching machine in a shorter cage is not ideal and offers advice for what to look for in a pitching machine.

How to Find a Hitter's Ideal Hand Placement

Posted by on 3/10/2022 to Hitting Tips

Is there an ideal hand placement for hitters? Rachel Folden from Elite Baseball and Softball shows you how to work backwards to find each hitter's ideal hand placement.

How to Find YOUR Best Batting Stance

Posted by on 3/1/2022 to Hitting Tips

Rachel Folden from Elite Baseball & Softball Training discusses how to find your own unique perfect stance in the batter's box.

Hitting Timing Drill

Posted by on 1/31/2022 to Hitting Tips

Justin Stone from Elite Baseball & Softball Training provides advice and a drill for perfecting your swing timing.

Get Better Bat Path & Barrel Sense With This Drill

Posted by on 1/31/2022 to Hitting Tips

Baseball Rebellion demonstrates the "Half Turn Drill" which helps players better recognize their bat path and barrel position.

Line Drive Drill For Better Bat Control

Posted by on 1/25/2022 to Hitting Tips

Sean Laird provides what he describes as one of his favorite drills to develop the skill of barrel control, bat angle, and direction.

Drill For Perfect Bat Path

Posted by on 1/25/2022 to Hitting Tips

Matt Antonelli provides a drill to attain the proper bat path.