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Baseball Power Hitting Tips From The Little League World Series

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 8/15/2015 to Hitting Tips

Little League BatterAnyone who has been interested in Little League training long enough has probably heard of Baseball Rebellion. Known for their highly analytical approach to pitching and hitting, they offer some of the best baseball and softball training you can find online. Check out these power hitting insights they picked up during this year's Little League World Series ...

Line of Hitting - The Key to Solid Contact, Power and Consistency

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 11/15/2014 to Hitting Tips

Baseball Rampage - the Line of HittingIn order to hit consistently and with power, it is essential that you get the barrel of the bat on the ball. The only way to do that is to know what part of the plate is the optimum point for hitting a ball. J.K. Whited introduces the "Line of Hitting" concept, where players learn to contact balls according to the pitch location.

The Essential Components of Every Great Swing

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 8/30/2014 to Hitting Tips

No matter what your level of experience in baseball is, there are certain components that form the core of every great swing,from little league to pro. Learn everything from stance, to weight shift to bat extension with this video.

How to Become a Better Hitter - Without Even Swinging a Bat!

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 8/23/2014 to Hitting Tips

Batter waiting for incoming pitchThere are many things a batter can do to make himself a better hitter that have nothing to do with practice or swing mechanics. You can learn many things from the dugout, the on-deck circle and even while at the plate that will help you become a better hitter. Here, we provide several tips on the mental approach to hitting ...