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How to Field Ground Balls

Posted by on 9/13/2021 to Fielding Tips

Coach Justin provides a real quick video for how to properly field a ground ball.

Proper Footwork for First Basemen

Posted by on 9/13/2021 to Fielding Tips

Coach Ray from Zoned Sports Academy demonstrates the proper footwork for first basemen fielding throws.

When Catchers Should Visit the Mound (and When They Shouldn't)

Posted by on 9/13/2021 to Coaching Tips

Dan Blewett outlines 7 times catchers should visit the mound as well as 3 times that they should not.

Characteristics of an Elite Outfielder

Posted by on 9/4/2021 to Fielding Tips

Dan Blewett outlines what it takes to be an elite outfielder at different levels and the differences between corner outfielders and center fielders.

Fielding Bunts for Catchers

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 8/15/2021 to Fielding Tips

Luke Johnson from Baseball Rebellion demonstrates how catchers need to field bunts - down the third baseline, in front of them and down the first baseline.