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Translating Coach Speak Into Something You Can Use

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 5/16/2015 to Coaching Tips

Baseball ManagerAlthough most baseball coaches are interested in helping their young players become better hitters and often are pretty good at doing that, they aren't necessarily the best communicators in the world. Some of the terminology they use may make perfect sense to them but is quite confusing to young players. Here are some examples of "coach-speak" and other ways of saying those things ...

What Makes A Little League Coach A Success?

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 4/18/2015 to Coaching Tips

Little league baseball coach with teamWith little league baseball season in full swing all over the country, I'm sure there are quite a few teams with managers who are taking charge of a team for the very first time. Learn the most important skills a little league coach can have. They may not be what you think!

Baseball Positions - Which One is the Best?

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 2/28/2015 to Coaching Tips

Little League players in the fieldAs spring draws near and parents are beginning to enroll their children in Little League baseball for the first time, what better time to start thinking about what position they might play? No matter what position they may ultimately end up playing, an argument can be made for why each position in baseball is the best one to play ...

Even More Great Base Running Tips!

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 9/13/2014 to Coaching Tips

Baserunner rounding the bagI've written about base running errors here before and also provided tips for avoiding these kinds of senseless mistakes that can cost a team a game. Here are some more common sense base running guidelines that coaches can teach their players.