Pitching Machine Comparison - Rawlings Pro Line 3 vs. Hack Attack

Boxing gloves meetA customer recently Emailed, asking if there was any difference between the Hack Attack and the Rawlings Pro Line 3 Wheel pitching machines. There are definitely differences and some of them are pretty major!
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What Pitching Machine Should I Buy?

Dan Blewett discusses why using a pitching machine in a shorter cage is not ideal and offers advice for what to look for in a pitching machine.

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How to Break In a New Glove

Duke Baxter from Zoned Sports Academy discusses the different ways to break in a new baseball gloves and the way he always does it (the same way I always did).

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Pitching Machine Speed - It is the Least Important Thing!

I field a lot of phone calls from people who are confused over which pitching machine to buy. Although price is probably the first thing people ask about, not far behind is the question, "How fast will it pitch?"

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